The library is closed due to new restrictions

The libraries in Täby are following the governments new recommendations and are closed from December 19th. If you need to print or copy is it possible to visit the main library weekdays between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Due to the government's new directions to stop spreading coronavirus we are temporarily closed until January 24th.

During this period you can not visit any of the libraries in Täby. You can not borrow or reserve any non-digital items.  
Non-digital items mean: books, papers, magazines and DVDs.

The exception is if you need to pick up prints (printed from your own device or from home) or use the copying machine.
You can then visit the main library weekdays from 10.00 until 16.00.


Frequently asked questions follow below:


What will happen to my loans?

You can keep your loans while we are closed, even when the loan period is over. There will be no late fee.
If the loan period will expire during the time when the library is closed it will be renewed by staff centrally.
That also includes reserved books. The new date for giving the books back will be January 27th.


Can I return my books even if the library is closed?

You do not have to return any items during this time.
Items that should have been returned December 1th or later have been prolonged until January 27th.
If you would still like to return what you have borrowed it is possible to do so in the return boxes outside the main library in Täby centrum, the library in Gribbylund
or the library in Täby kyrkby.
If the boxes would be full or out of function, please come back another day.


Can I reserve media while the library is closed?

It is not possible to reserve anything during closure. When we reopen again you will be able to reserve again.


What happens with the reservations at the library that I’ve been told to pick up?

The reserved books at the reservation-shelf will stay there although the pick-up date has passed.
When the library reopen you can pick them up within five days.


What happens with any library fees of mine?

You are not able to pay any fees at the library when we are closed.

If you like you can pay via plusgiro, you can find the number under Mina skulder if you log in at Mina sidor, here at the Täby library homepage.

If you pay via plusgiro it is necessary to type your personal identity number (personnummer) or the number of your library card.
You also have to write that the payment is meant for Täby Library.

If your dept is 80 SEK or more you cannot borrow from our library online.


Can I contact the library?

Yes, you are welcome to contact the libraries by e-mail.

You can also contact Täby kommun, Kontaktcenter, 08-55 55 90 00.


When will the library reopen?

We follow the recommendations of the authorities and the directions of the government.

At the moment the closure of the libraries will last until January 24th.


Can I still use the library online?

The library online is available as before. You can borrow e-books, e-audiobooks and watch movies through Viddla.
If you like to register yourself at Täby Library it is possible via this link.


Can I still print, scan or use the copying machine?

From December 28th you will be able to print through Princh and pick the prints up at the main library,
in the entrance hall, weekdays between 10.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m.

You will also be able to use the copying machine at that time. You have to buy your own copying card.
The cheapest costs 60 SEK and can give you 20 copies.

For scanning we recommend you to download a scanning app to your smartphone.


How do I know when the library is open again?

We will update the library homepage continuously.

If you are a patron of Täby Library we will send you an e-mail to notify when the libraries in Täby are opening again,
provided that your e-mail address is correct.

For further questions you may contact the head of library,
Malin Törnquist:

Telephone: 08-555 594 77 or 076-643 94 77

The library online

Do not forget that the library is also available online!

At the homepage, under the heading E-biblioteket you can find information about borrowing e-books, how to stream film, and other databases.
You can also follow us at Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, where you can find a lot of things happening, for example book tips, readings of poems and storytelling.

If you use the Pressreader app, which provides you remote access to papers and magazines, you now have an extended time of access, 60 days.
You received the remote access when you last visited the library and used the library WIFI. Normally the time limit for access is 48 hours. 

You can also use Pressreader from the library homepage. You have to log in to your library account.


Welcome to the library online!