The libraries and the corona pandemic

The libraries in Täby are open (except for Hägernäs) but with limited opening hours and reduced service.

Due to the corona pandemic we are open with reduced service.
The libraries also have limited opening hours. We do everything we can
to limit the risk of contracting COVID-19 among visitors and among staff.

The Main Library is open Monday to Saturday.
Gribbylund Library, Täby kyrkby Library and Skarpäng Library
are open three weekdays.
Näsbypark Library is open three weekdays, but you can´t enter.
The staff will help you get your books.
(Näsbypark Library will be closed from May 8th to about June 7th
while moving to new premises.)
Hägernäs Library is closed.
You can find all the correct opening hours here:öppettider

You can come to the library if you like to,
for example, borrow a book or pick up a print, but you cannot stay.
We ask you to visit the library alone and not in company.

What I CAN'T do right now

  • Use the computers at the library.
  • Read non-digital papers at the library.
  • Sit down at the library, to read, to study or to play inside the library.

We can´t allow more than a limited number of visitors at a time.
If the limit is reached you can´t enter.

All public events are cancelled.

What I CAN do

  • Borrow books, magazines and movies.
    The loan period is prolonged to six weeks in many cases.
  • Reserve items.
  • Return items.
    If you don´t want to enter the Main Library you can leave your items from outside,
    in the returnbox, at Biblioteksgången.
    The other libraries in Täby also have returnboxes outside the entrance,
    where you return your items.
    During the Corona pandemic the returnboxes are open 24 hours a day.
    In Näsbypark, though, you can just reach it when the centre is open.
  • Print from your computer or your smartphone with Princh.
    When you have made your order, you can pick up your prints at the library.
  • Borrow eBooks, watch movies through Viddla,
    read papers and magazines through PressReader.
  • Make photocopies at libraries with copying machines.
  • Renew your loans up to five tines if no-one else has reserved the book.
  • Take part of the libraries online-events and follow us at Social media.

Extended services

We offer take away – the staff collect and borrow your books
and you pick them up outside the library entrance.
If you are an at-risk group and live in Täby
you can get books delivered to your home within a week.
Please contact your closest library for further details.

The changes apply until further notice.
We follow the recommendations from The Public Health Agency of Sweden
and adjust the library service to the ongoing pandemic.