Terms of use

A condensed English version of the Täby Library terms of use.

Borrowing at the Library is almost completely for free, as long as You follow the rules.

Regulations and fees:

  • In order to register as a library user you have to show an identity card (from 16 years of age). For children (6-15 years of age) a guardian has to sign a borrowing agreement.

  • The loan period is normally four weeks but for special medias such as DVDs the period is shorter. You can renew your loan twice, providing nobody else has reserved the book.

  • If the book you are looking for is not on the shelf you can make a reservation and get a message when the book is returned. This service costs 10 SEK for adult books.

  • If you don’t return the book in time you have to pay a fee, for adult books the fee is 10 SEK/week. For DVDs the fee is higher.

  • You are responsible for the books you or your children borrow and have to return them undamaged. The replacement fee for adult books is normally 300 SEK and for children’s books 150 SEK.

Apply for a Library account.

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